Hotel Centennial

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Justin North Heads Up Hotel Centennial

Hotel Centennial has been refurbished, and along with a new look comes a new chef.

It’s not easy to take on reinventing an old favourite. Especially when it comes to food. This was something Justin North, previously of Becasse, was well aware of when he took the role of executive chef at the newly revamped Hotel Centennial.

“The Centennial has been a fixture of the eastern suburbs for a long time. Prior to re-opening we got a lot of heat about messing with the locals’ favourite things. So we kept some and introduced some others,” says North.

Those dishes that made the cut include the popular flatbreads, with slightly reworked toppings, along with the signature Centennial waffles. “We have added a few of our own favourites too, such as the lamb shank and shoulder shepherd’s pie and whole roasts to share, which are proving to be very popular too.”

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