All About Women Festival


Published on: 06th February 2014

Link: All About Women Festival

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All About Women Festival at the Opera House

Sunday is traditionally a day to unwind, de-stress and do, well, a whole lot of nothing, really. But for those who prefer their relaxation with a touch of contemplation, head to the All About Women festival, part of the Ideas at the House series of public lectures.

The festival will explore a diverse range of topics relating to women, with talks by some fascinating individuals including Alison Bechdel, cartoonist, author and the woman who introduced us to the Bechdel test – used to identify gender bias in popular culture – who will be discussing her life in the world of drawing. Lucy Siegle, ethical columnist for the Observer, will be exploring fashion and its social and environmental impacts while contributing editor at New York Magazine, Jennifer Senior, will discuss her book All Joy and No Fun, which dissects the controversial idea that parents love their children, but are dissatisfied with their lives.

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